Erica Porter

My equipment includes a Canon 5Ds r, a 5D Mark II as well as a combination of Canon's highest end lenses including;  50mm, 17-40mm, 28-300mm, 100-400mm and fisheye.  Everything is shot in RAW format and processed to ensure the highest quality images with correct color, contrast, saturation and exposure.  

I started with photography as a child.  I developed a passion for film in high school and continued to earn my BFA in photography from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  I am an avid traveler and if I am not working can be found adventuring somewhere with camera in hand.

I believe that it is important to capture the essence of who I am photographing.  A picture that shows the passion, emotion and energy from the moment it was captured is what I shoot for.  Ensuring that the true personality is used as opposed to just posturing subjects creates greater depth to every image.

Scott Wendland

Scott Wendland partners with me as co-shooter on events with more than 1 photographer.  He is a talented photographer with the ability to capture amazing details and emotion.  Scott stops at nothing to make sure he gets every important shot, no matter what barrier may exist in his way. 

Together we create a team who work confidently and seamlessly to make sure that you have photographs to treasure capturing all of the details and moments that are inspired by who you are.